About Diet Forum

Diet.co.uk was set up to help and inform people wanting a one-stop online guide to diet and healthy living. A central part of Diet.co.uk is the diet forum established to help and support dieters, as well as providing people who diet the opportunity to help each other whilst sharing ideas and diet tips.

At Diet.co.uk we recognise the significance and value of community support in dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. The diet forum on this site makes community support free, convenient and easy.

Is Diet.co.uk the only diet support forum on the internet?

No, there are a large number of diet support forums on a variety of different sites, including everything from speciality low carb forums to detox forums. The Diet.co.uk forum gives dieters the opportunity to discuss a range of diets, bringing the diet community together to do so.

Diet.co.uk believe that dieters should consider as many diet forums as possible in order to select the best advice. Please see external links at the bottom of the page leading to other diet forums that may be of value.

Diet.co.uk is currently developing at a fast rate, with the aim of becoming the UK’s largest online diet support forum.

How does a diet forum support people looking to change their diet?

Online diet forums, including the Diet.co.uk forum, help and support dieters by giving them access to a whole community of dieters, people with first hand unbiased opinions of a range of diets as well as health professionals, dieticians and nutritionists.

Being on a diet can require both mental determination and will power. This can be difficult if faced alone but with the support of communities like the diet.co.uk forum the journey could be made easier and more successful.

Can I use the Diet.co.uk forum for advice?

The Diet.co.uk forum is an ever-growing and up-to-date resource for people wanting to share knowledge and experience of diets. The Diet.co.uk is free to use. The online diet community is a place for discussion and sometimes advice and as such needs to be approached with a level of caution, as a community primarily consisting of untrained dieters, a certain level of personal judgement is required before adjusting your lifestyle or diet. It may also be of benefit to seek medical advice if significant changes are being considered.

That said, diet support online can be an extremely useful and fun way of sharing ideas and supporting the community.