Celebrity Diet Overview

Millions of people every year actively go on a diet to lose weight. Many millions more think about it all the time, and never quite get round to it. Most people have every intention of getting into better shape and slimming down.

Although regular exercise and a balanced diet can help to achieve these goals, celebrity diets, often promising rapid weight loss, are extremely popular. This Diet.co.uk section examines the craze surrounding celebrity diets, what types of diets are on offer and who uses them.

A variety of different celebrity diets are available. Please read all information surrounding diet and celebrity before choosing which celebrity diet to follow. The following are some instances in which celebrities have found particular diets successful:

  • The Cabbage Soup diet is particularly famous as Joanna Lumley found it worked amazingly well for her.
  • The Glycemic Index diet is Kylie Minogue's favourite. This involves cutting out all processed foods as well as carbohydrates, like potatoes and white rice. Nonetheless, this diet permits dark chocolate and red wine.
  • The Atkins diet, which Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston made famous, involves a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Fat is fine herein. However, fruit and vegetables are far and few between.
  • The Food combining diet is Liz Hurley's favourite. This diet involves avoiding eating carbohydrates and proteins together.
  • Carol Voderman's detox diet is exceedingly famous. All of a sudden, she went from being a relatively old fashioned TV presenter to a vamp in a catsuit, aged 40. The detox diet refrains from taking caffeine, alcohol, dairy products and meat. It opts for fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, alongside plenty of nuts and seeds.

Do celebrities looking a certain way generate the obsession in the west with wanting to look like them?

There is a lot of related inadequacy felt by women in particular if they do not look like certain celebrities. There is a related media obsession if celebrities do not look slim

There are of course some women in the media spotlight who are comfortable with their body image and choose not to conform. Body image ironically is a plague in the land of plenty. When you are hungry or starving because you do not have enough to eat, you are decidedly not obsessed with body image. You are focused on getting your next meal.

As many of us in the West are fortunate in that our so called “basic needs” have been met, we get enough to eat and drink. Hence, we start looking at what else could we be doing? What else could we direct our focus at?

The West is also obsessed with which diet which celebrity is on; what diet has worked for whom.

Please read the Diet.co.uk individual celebrity diets for information about specific celebrities and their diets.