Diet & Your Health

Diet & Your Health

Diet plays a critical part in our wellbeing. What we eat affects us in many ways.

The significance of diet in the prevention, easing of symptoms or cure of ailments is increasingly becoming apparent.

There are various vitamins, minerals and nutrients our bodies need to have to function at full capacity. So, when we do not obtian that which is essential for us to function at our best, our body and mind cannot function as effectively as they otherwise would.

We are what we eat, so if we adhere to a diet that specifically addresses our health condition, we are more likely than not to be able to manage the condition effectively.

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Diet should of course not be seen as a stand alone tool for wellbeing. It needs to be viewed as part of a lifestyle which involves fitness, social wellbeing and inner (psycho-emotional-spiritual) wellbeing.

Diet is a yardstick which can be used to qualify our quality of life. We are a total being and a healthy diet that works for us contributes to part of our wellbeing, a phenomenal part of our wellness.

Each health condition will have an appropriate diet, but it is worth remembering that each individual will require a different diet to feel completely well.

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