Butt Lifts

Butt lifts are a tool of cosmetic surgery as well as surgery weight loss. Patients who have larger butts will have liposuction undertaken there, prior to a butt lift for removal of excess skin.

Patients who approach the surgery in terms of cosmetic surgery often have fat implants or injections which enhance the butt shape, known as a Brazilian butt lift.

This diet surgery procedure is new, yet considered is quite safe. This technique is becoming increasingly more popular in America, for those wishing to lose weight as well as those who would like a more contoured body shape.

Key Points about Butt Lifts

There are butt lift techniques. The so called 'Brazilian' method involves the doctor injecting implants or fats in order for the butt to have a greater prominence or volume.

This technique is really for thin patients who would like a bigger butt. The second approach is really for bigger patients who would like to lose weight in the butt area.

The surgeon makes an incision across the top of the butt. Initially, excess fat from the butt area is removed by liposuction. Excess skin is chopped off, with the remaining skin being tightened to finish the procedure. Competent surgeons ensure that the scar is hidden in order that patients are able to wear a bathing suit without the scar being visible.

Recovery from Butt Lifts

Butt lifts are carried out under general anaesthetic. Patients are instructed not to sit down for a week post-op. They are advised not to return to work for a minimum of two weeks. It is also advisable to ask a family member or friend to look after you post-op.

Risks Relate to Butt Lifts

A Butt Lift is a very safe procedure, but those patients who choose general anaesthesia are subject to the usual associated risks.

Of greater concern is whether the patient is ready for the scarring that inevitably follows this type of surgery. You should always consult your doctor before making a decision. Scarring should usually be positioned so as to be invisible if the patient wears a bathing suit.