Global Diets

Diet varies throughout the world, with each country boasting different ingredients and cooking methods down to a regional level. With this diversity of global diets, understanding more about what other people around the world eat can help us to better understand, and change, our own diets. This series of guides provides more information about global diets from various countries around the world.

Understanding how to eat healthily is particularly important in the UK . Obesity is a growing epidemic. According to Nationmaster statistics, the UK has the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world. Studies by the NHS show that in 2006, 24% of adults (age 16+) were classified as obese, this is an increase from 15% in 1993.

Increasingly, British citizens are looking to other cultures around the world for an answer to this growing problem, for a way to change their diet and their lifestyles in the hope of living a healthier existence.

Many nutritionists and experts tell us of the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, though very few of us actually know the answer to the question; ‘what is a Mediterranean diet?’

As the country with the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world, we have a lot to learn from other cultures who may arguably have a more natural, healthier diet.