Hedgehog on Atkins diet gets slimmer

Tue, 22 Apr 2008

According to reports on the BBC, an overweight hedgehog that has adopted a high protein diet similar to the Atkins Diet plan is losing weight every week.

Staff at the Wildlife Aid Centre in Leatherhead, Surrey, found that George the Hedgehog was very overweight . George weighed 2.2 KG. However, after adopting the high protein diet last November, and starting to exercise regularly, George is now down to 1.7kg.

The General Manager of the Wildlife Aid Centre, Becky Banning, reportedly said that George had grown fat on bird food. Describing his new diet, Banning reportedly commented: "It's the hedgehog equivalent of the Atkins diet, and it's about keeping him away from the fat and giving him more protein, so there's a tenuous similarity with the human Atkins diet."
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