Diet in early childhood could influence health

Thu, 15 Jan 2009

According to a recent report, diet in the earliest part of life could affect your health for decades. A study by researchers at the University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology indicates that the rate at which an adult puts on weight is directly linked to diet in early childhood.

Dr. Reimer, a leading researcher in this field, reportedly commented: "My research has shown that the food we eat changes how active certain genes in our body are – what we call genetic expression. In particular we believe that our diet has a direct influence on the genes that control how our bodies store and use nutrients . There's a growing body of work that indicates a relationship between our health as adults and our early diet, and even our mother's diet. This research shows for the first time that our early childhood diet may have a huge impact on our health as adults."

She reportedly continued: "I believe this study clearly shows that the composition of early childhood diet may have a direct lifelong impact on genes that control metabolism and obesity risk. This study clearly indicates that diet composition alone can change the trajectory of circulating satiety hormones and metabolic pathways that influence how we gain weight or control blood sugar as adults."
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