A Healthy Diet Can Beat Obesity

Fri, 13 Mar 2009

Children who are born with a gene connected to obesity do not need to get fat.

A healthy diet can beat the unhealthy effects of obesity .

Those who have inherited a variant version of the FTO gene are more likely to eat more than necessary to satisfy their appetites.

Hence, they gain excess fat. This is why FTO is known as the " obesity gene ."

The seeds of obesity are planted in early life. However, children with the obesity gene are not destined to be fat, so claims University College London researcher Dr Laura Johnson and her colleagues.

Children with the FTO variant are no more vulnerable than other kids to the fat-increasing effects of energy deficient, calorie - laden foods .

In some cases, children with the obesity gene can beat it by altering their lifestyle and their diet appropriately.

One out of three English children is overweight . So it is essential to replace high-fat foods with low fat foods and give kids more fruits and vegetables .
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