The Diet Plate Complete Male Plate and Bowl

The Male Diet Plate

This Diet plate has been specially modified to consider the greater calorific and nutritional needs of males and can also be used for women who have significantly more that five stone or thirty kilograms to loose. This plate provides 500 more calories than the Female Diet Plate.

By incorporating this plate into meal times, there needs to be little change to diet; instead calorie counting and portion control can be achieved by ensuring your food is placed in the corresponding section of the plate within the partitions. By doing this you could see a sustainable weight loss of between 1 and 4 pounds a weekend by combining use of the Diet Plate with exercise you could see an even greater weight loss.

This plate is 28 centimetres (11”) diameter, it is microwave and dishwasher safe and is ‘”Portion Control Made Easy” and will be the perfect complement to any lifestyle and a fantastic hassle free way of loosing weight and maintaining a new slimmer shape.