The Diet Plate Complete Female Plate and Bowl

The Female Diet Plate

This Plate is a fine earthenware microwave and dishwasher safe plate, measuring 28 centimetres (11”) in diameter. By swapping a normal dinner plate to this beautiful Diet Plate, you could see a healthy and consistent weight loss of between 1 and 4 pounds a week in line with the guidelines for safe and maintainable weight loss recommended by the majority of nutritionists, dieticians and doctors.

There is no need for counting calories, food points or grams of fat, instead this revolutionary weight loss system allows you to eat normal meals, but in the right proportions and sizes due to its scientifically calibrated portion size suggestions.

The product comes with weight loss charts and instruction leaflets and has been branded with the appropriate slogan “Portion Control Made Easy” adaptable to every lifestyle and acts as the perfect and hassle free compliment to exercise for effective, noticeable and sustainable weight loss.