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The Diet Plate

Mrs. Kay Illingworth the inventor of the Diet Plate was 18 stone and a size 26, when she decided she needed to lose a significant amount of weight.

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She reportedly tried numerous different diet plans including calorie control, reduced fat and low carb, upon realising through her experience how inconvenient, unhealthy and on the whole pretty unsuccessful the alternative diets were, she devised the Diet Plate which she claimed was ‘Portion Control Made Easy’.

The Diet Plate is a specialised diet tool which has statistically calibrated partitions to corresponding food groups, showing the user exactly how much of each food group they should be consuming at meal times. Her unique Diet Plate does not require any weighing out an inconvenient process.

In addition to this, through investigation, Illingworth discovered we are very inaccurate at guessing the weight of foods and therefore are largely unaware that we are often over eating.

Illingworth reportedly lost a massive 7 stone reducing her dress size to a small 14. The Diet Plate is said to allow a steady weight loss of between 1 and 4 pounds per week. Additionally this Diet Plate can also be used to maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet. This has been named the ultimate portion controlled diet as it is both convenient and consistent.

Clinical Trials

According to numerous clinical trials that have been conducted in conjunction with the Diet Plate, on average people are able to lose three times the amount of weight compared to unaided dieting. With arguably the best part of the Diet Plate is that your lifestyle and normal meal choices can, within reason remain the same. The only step that must be taken in order to achieve weight loss is that each food group must stay within the illustrated section on the plate.

Diet Tools

In addition to the Diet Plate extra diet tools have been introduced including specialised crockery with scientifically calibrated portion guidelines for both men and women reflecting their differences in nutritional and calorific needs.

There is also a Diet Bowl which gives straight forward guidelines for liquid based foods including; soup and cereal. Possibly more significant in today’s society the introduction of the Children’s Diet Plate known as the ‘Magic Plate’.

Child Obesity

We are currently experiencing ever increasing levels of child obesity and parental knowledge of the ‘correct’ portion sizes for their children being very limited the Magic Plate has been devised to simply set out how much of each food group a child should be consuming at each meal time.

By following the simple and hassle free guidelines, children can safely lose weight without compromising too much on the actual food they are eating. In addition to weight loss, the Magic Plate can also be used to maintain a healthy weight once it has been reached.

For Diabetics

The Diet Plate has also been highlighted as a fantastic addition to a diabetic’s kitchen as it eliminates the inconvenient and tedious measuring procedures that must precede meal times.

The inclusion of the Diet Plate to meal time routine is the only portion control tool to have been formally linked to a reduction in the reliance of prescription medicine.
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The Diet Plate has reportedly been tested using a variety of recipes and food group combinations, in addition to this it has been reportedly tested on an array of people with different health and weight concerns. Despite their differences, there have been consistent results proving the Diet Plate to be a significant and revolutionary tool that promotes healthy and sustainable weight loss.