Testimonial: Kay - The Diet Plate Inventor

The Diet Plate

A major life event led me to go from size 12 to size 26. I used to hide behind the weight, thinking I was invisible from the world. Then one day I decided I had to do something about my weight as nobody else would or, for that matter, could! Upon making that decision, I soon realised that unless I looked for the help directly there was little help available.

I immediately made an appointment with a dietician. After a half an hour chat she gave me three sheets of A4 with my diet on. These sheets listed the foods I could eat freely, foods to be eaten moderately and foods to be avoided altogether. I was informed that the only really effective method of weight loss is to balance the energy from foods effectively, eat fewer calories and expend more energy.

The dietician further informed me that it was crucial to weigh my food, 2-3 ounces of protein and 3-4 ounces of starchy carbohydrates for my main meal; with the rest of my dietary intake made up from the list she had supplied me.

I then weighed almost 18 stones (252lb). According to her sheet I ought to have weighed around 9st 11lb (137lb). After adhering to her dietary advice for three weeks I went to a follow up appointment. She weighed me there and was somewhat dismayed that I had only lost 1lb. She asked me if I had been following her advice.

I responded that I had cut out all fatty/sugary foods and alcohol. However, I had not been weighing my portions, which I considered an unreasonable request.

Having left her office that evening I decided to quickly weight check my pasta dinner. When I thought the portion size I was eating was 3-4 ounces, it had been 16 ounces! I had a full one pound of pasta on my plate, enough for four separate meals!

In tears, I shouted, "What does 3 ounces look like then?" That evening The Diet Plate was born. This is the world's first ever "Portion Control" plate. The rest, as the old adage goes, is history.