Basil is highly recommended for nausea as well as travel sickness, due to its antispasmodic properties.

Basil aids digestion as it promotes saliva production, enabling the body to digest food more effectively.

Fresh basil is full of folic acid, whilst dried basil is great for potassium, calcium and iron. Dried basil is excellent for the respiratory system, and is used in the treatment of throat and nose infections


Basil - Frequently Asked Questions

What is basil and what are the benefits?

Basil is a herb and contains a wide range of nutrients including: magnesium, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and manganese. The oil from the basil are used to make an essential oil which is known to treat skin infections, wounds and cuts.

How do you eat basil leaves?

You can use this magnificent herb in any meal such as: pasta, pizza, sauces, salads and even soup.

Can I eat fresh basil leaves?

Basil leaves are used in cooking although some people do eat the leaves raw. There are many ways for you to use basil leaves, these include cooking with them, making tea with it or even taking them in a supplement form.

How many types of basil are there? 

It is known that there are 50 to 150 species of basil.

What is the most common basil?

Sweet basil is the most common basil especially for when cooking meals and is commonly used to make pesto.

What do you use Genovese basil for?

Genovese basil’s uses are the same as sweet basil, so they are used for making pesto, caprise salad and other meals that use fresh basil.

What is red basil used for?

Red basil has rich red coloured leaves and has a taste that is stronger than the sweet basil. It is perfect to add to your pasta and pesto dishes to make it look more unique.

Is basil and Tulsi same?

Tulsi and basil are two different plants but they do belong to the same aromatic medical group and have similar features as well as taste profiles.  

Is too much basil bad for you?

Basil when taken by month within food is safe to have, it is also safe for adults to possibly take basil by month as a medicine for a short amount of time. However, for some people consuming basil can cause low blood sugar and it is also unsafe to consume basil oil by month as a medicine for a long period of time.

Which basil is easiest to grow?

Most basils such as purple basil, sweet basil, thai basil and lemon basil are easy to grow but they only grow outdoors in the summer. 

Can you drink basil tea?

Drinking basil tea is great as a stress reliever,  and is mostly used in tonics that can help reduce or prevent indigestion. By having basil in your diet, it can help prevent acid reflux.

How do you drink basil leaves?

Basil can be made into a freshly brewed tea, this is done by placing 2-3 teaspoons for holy basil into a cup with boiling water and then let it brew for 5mins.

Is drinking basil water good for you?

Basil has water soluble flavonoids within it which helps to protect white blood cells. Drinking basil water is great as it includes an excellent source of antioxidants.

Is Basil good for skin?

Basil is a great skin cleanser especially for those with oily skin, it is also used to help remove impurities and dirt that clog up your pores.

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