Ali Larter

Ali Larter

Ali Larter is an ex-fashion model, currently an actress. She is probably best known internationally in the television series, Heroes.

She stays in wonderful shape. So how does she do it?

Celebrity Diet

In March 2008 Ali was on the front cover of Shape Magazine in March 2008. In that edition, she disclosed her diet, exercise and motivation tips.

Ali’s diet is based on portion control. She does not follow any particular system of weight loss and eats sensibly.

She might splurge occasionally and have pasta, champagne as well as chocolate soufflé. The next day, she will have a simple salad for the main meal and a frozen yogurt for the dessert.

Ali sticks to an organic diet and loves cooking her dinners. She avoids eating carbohydrates at night time as they quickly cause her to put on weight. So she would make a sauce with the main dish and add a salad, leaving out bread and pasta.

Ali Larter’s Organic Portion Controlled Diet

  • Breakfast: Muesli with vanilla soya milk
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken and green salad
  • Dinner: Lamb Ragout and green salad
  • Workout: In order to stay in shape Ali has always been committed to exercise.


Working out is a massive part of her life. Her sporty look is greatly due to her playing sports like soccer and softball and soccer when she was younger.

She makes sure she jogs for at least 25 minutes every evening. She never, ever misses out on her jogs, which are usually 2-3 mile runs.

No wonder Ali Larter keeps in such good shape!

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