Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutchner first shot to fame in the 1990s in Calvin Klein adverts. He is also well known for a television series, called “That ’70s Show”.

In addition, he is internally known as the presenter of the MTV celebrity prank show, Punk’d.

He has also appeared in several films and always looks lean and fit.

Celebrity Diet

For “The Guardian”, a film in which Ashton appeared recently, he was on a low carb diet. He ate broccoli, chicken and brown rice for three months.

This diet is similar to the South Beach Diet and is a common method used to slim down for acting parts in films nowadays.


For the same film, “The Guardian”, Ashton trained with the coast guard. He used to swim multiple laps of the pool on a daily basis and endure Boot camp training to get his body lean, fit and supple.

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