Although dieting and losing weight is good for you to a degree, there is a negative aspect to celebrities dieting.

A stigma surrounding overweight people, and impossible pressure, particularly on women, to be thin, means that diet and celebrity culture can have a negative impact on impressionable dieters. Celebrities looking a certain way generate the obsession in the west with wanting to look like them.

There is a lot of related inadequacy felt by women in particular if they do not look like certain celebrities. There is a related media obsession if celebrities do not look slim. There are of course some women in the media spotlight who are comfortable with their body image and choose not to conform. Body image ironically is a plague in the land of plenty. When you are hungry or starving because you do not have enough to eat, you are decidedly not obsessed with body image. You are focused on getting your next meal.

As many of us in the West are fortunate in that our so called “basic needs” have been met, we get enough to eat and drink. Hence, we start looking at what else could we be doing? What else could we direct our focus at?

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