On an annual basis after the Christmas period, millions of us make a New Year promise that we are going to go on a diet.

The classic advice of “regular exercise as well as a balanced diet” applies to us all.

Nowadays into this pot is thrown the diets endorsed by those who are famous and live their lives very publicly, in films and in front of a camera.

Hence, each year many new diets are promoted and it is crucial to get these diets endorsed by a celebrity in order to for them to be as popular as possible.

Every month sees a new celebrity diet. Usually, this type of celebrity diet plan is devised by dieticians and endorsed or supported by celebrities.

The following Diet.co.uk section identifies a variety of celebrity diets and the celebs that endorse them. Dieters looking for the perfect diet for their needs should look carefully at the various celebrity diets and make their own minds up about which (if any) to follow.