Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox

This 44 year old actress is still in the same shape she was in when she was starring in a lead role in “Friends”. She has been on the cover of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue.

Celebrity Diet

Courteney Cox has a naturally slim figure. She also ensures that she eats healthily and maintains her body weight. She is known to have been on several diets including the Atkins diet, the Blood Type diet and the Carbohydrate Addict diet.

The latter was the most effective for Courteney as she liked the fact that she was able to have carbohydrates for dinner.

Courteney Cox has gone on record to say that she has maintained her 110lbs weight for her 5ft 5in height by knowing what to eat and how to eat it. Should she have pasta for dinner, she gains weight. However, should she eat protein, she loses weight. She also has been blessed with a quick metabolism.

Growing up in the Southern part of America, Courteney Cox used to eat a great deal of carbs and a high fat diet. She has adapted her diet routine to suit the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, devised by Dr Richard Heller and his wife Dr Rachel Heller.

Individuals following the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet can eat meat, butter, eggs, cheese, seafood and vegetables. They need to restrict carbohydrates to a single daily “reward” meal. Balance still remains important for your reward meal. You still need salad for fibre, protein for minerals and to stabilize blood sugar. The carbs are for energy and the feeling of satisfaction.

Here is a daily menu from the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet.

  • Breakfast: A scooped out bagel with light cream cheese.
  • Lunch: Pasta.
  • Dinner: Salad.
  • Courteney Cox’s breakfast: scrambled eggs, a small glass of milk and two pieces of bacon or pancakes filled with cottage cheese.
  • Courteney Cox’s lunch: grilled salmon or steak, steamed vegetables and a green salad.
  • Courteney Cox’s dinner: roast lamb, vegetables or roast potatoes. She avoids sugary drinks and sodas. However, she drinks lots of teas and black coffee.

This is the diet of Courteney Cox is addicted to, along with lots of exercise, as it maintains her health and fitness.

Celebrity Exercise

Courteney Cox exercises five times a week. This includes cardiovascular work, weight training, running and hiking. In addition, the actress is a practitioner of Pilates and Budokon, the latter being new on the Hollywood celebrity agenda.

Courteney loves this workout routine stating that Cameron Shayne’s blend of yoga for toning and martial arts for power is truly amazing. It is a workout which she finds fun and highly effective.

What is Budokon?

Budokon is a considerably challenging fitness regime which combines aspects of yoga and meditation. Budokon aims to create balance and permanent change in the entire system, according to Cameron Shayne who founded the system.

An influence on Budokon is Japanese martial arts; budokon meaning “the way of the spiritual warrior”; bu means (warrior), do means (way) and kon means (spirit).

Budokon is highly intensive. It is usual for participants to burn around 900 calories per session, that is, 50% more than you do in a spinning session. Budokon is dynamic, sociable and exciting, as are multiple martial arts.

Each class involves three disciplines: meditation, yoga and martial arts. The classes are inspired by centuries old training systems of Buddhist monks, offering a physical, emotional and spiritual work out. Budokon is similar in philosophy to Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua.

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