Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Eva is not a stranger when it comes to working out. As a former aerobics instructor, Eva is fully aware of looking great.

Celebrity Diet

To get the energy to go the gym and during the day Eva Longoria begins her day with fibre, as in fruit and protein, as in egg whites.

Eva is a great fan of fresh fruit and vegetable, whole grains and does like lean meats. Eva does not usually crave fast-food, yet she gives herself a treat when she wants it, like cookies or pizza. Eva follows portion control as a tool to remain slim.

Celebrity Exercise

For an hour, thrice a week, Eva works out with her personal trainer Patrick Murphy. She undertakes strength training, weight training and kickboxing cardio. She warms up for ten minutes either the bike or treadmill.

Next she does 25 and 30 body exercises like lunges with torso twists, squats, leg presses for the butt and one-legged squats. She does all these with 30-45 second rests in between sets.

Eva also enjoys yoga and does kickboxing.

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