Geena Davis

Geena Davis

Geena Davis’s diet and exercise routine has resulted in the star looking great for the decades she has been on the big screen.

The 6 foot tall actress also has a healthy lifestyle. So what are her secrets?

Celebrity Diet

Geena Davis has a healthy, balanced diet, and uses portion control to remain slim and fit.

Celebrity Exercise

For one of her most famous roles, as a secret agent in “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, she had to study tae kwon do and become an adept ice skater. For her role in “Commander in Chief” she got into rowing machines which are great at working the back, arms and legs.

When Geena puts her mind to it, she is capable of doing anything. She decided she wanted to enter the Olympics for archery, so, she trained continuously for two years and became so accomplished that she was a semi-finalist in the US Olympics Women’s Archery Team.

The take up of sports and preparing and playing physical roles in films has a significant effect on her confidence, wellbeing and sense of self esteem and achievement.

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