Eastern Chinese Cuisine

Eastern Chinese Cuisine

The eastern region is a subtropical climate rich with fertile soil and a coastline.

The east is well known for its variety of fish and abundance of highly esteemed specimens, such as silver carp. Eastern china is also the birth place of the Chinese restaurant industry.

Eastern China first brought the concept of stir-frying in a wok to the rest of the world. which is now widely used in many countries.

The eastern Chinese cuisine is well known for its fresh ingredients, so only light seasoning is used to allow the natural flavours of the fresh ingredients to be fully appreciated.

Eastern Chinese Diet Example

  • Stir-fried clam, water chestnut and mushroom
  • Boiled fish liver with bamboo shoots
  • Boiled pig trotters
  • Braised duck and pigeon
  • Fish ball soup with eel shrimp and pork
  • Stewed yellowfin croaker with potherb mustard

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