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There have been dramatic growths in the rates of obesity and heart disease all around the world. The percentage of adults in England classed as being obese rose from 14.9 per cent to 26.9 per cent between 1993 and 2015, and this is predicted to continue rising.

Since 1996 the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has also risen from 1.4 million to approximately 3.5 million, with 90 percent of these cases being type 2 diabetes; a condition heavily associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

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To support your health and wellness journey, below are the top-selling items of Protein Supplements, offering a convenient way to find products to boost your daily protein intake and enhance muscle recovery after workouts. Also, if you're seeking a quick and nutritious option for on-the-go meals or post-workout replenishment, our Meal Replacement Shakes provide a balanced blend of essential nutrients in delicious flavors. For those looking to cleanse their bodies from within, also on offer are the best selling Detox and Cleansing products that promote natural detoxification processes.

To achieve weight loss goals requires commitment, and weight loss pills are formulated with scientifically-backed ingredients that may assist in fat burning and appetite control.  For followers of the Ketogenic diet, there is an assortment of specialised products including Ketogenic Diet Products Superfoods that cater specifically to this low-carb lifestyle. To ensure proper hydration while nourishing your body simultaneously, explore our selection of Nutritional Drinks enriched with vitamins and minerals.

We understand that dietary restrictions can make finding suitable options challenging; therefore, we offer a wide range of Gluten-Free Foods for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Additionally, if you prefer Low-Carb Snacks as part of your daily routine without compromising taste or quality ingredients – we've got you covered! Embracing plant-based lifestyles has gained popularity over recent years; hence we feature Plant-Based Protein options sourced from high-quality vegan ingredients while providing ample protein content for muscle repair and growth.

Protein powders, protein bars, and protein shakes are popular among those looking to increase protein intake for muscle building, weight loss, or overall health.

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Losing weight and living healthily doesn’t have to be difficult. Our aim is to make weight loss as simple and easy to achieve as possible so that getting fit is an enjoyable experience for you.

With helpful tips on losing weight, guides on good nutrition and eating habits, as well as information on what to eat to treat illnesses, you should be able to find everything you are looking for and more.

We have a wide variety of diet plans for you to choose from, ranging from the Green and Red diet, to the famous Mediterranean and Atkins diets, and also the emerging Ketogenic diet, which has gained a lot of praise and popularity over the last couple of years.

Did you know that incorrect portion sizes can make or break your diet? Eating a handful of chips now and again and scoffing that spoonful of dressing can make a considerable difference, and we can help you find out just how much food you should be eating, so that you see the results you want.

Diet Guides

Our comprehensive Diet Guides section provide you with all the essential information necessary for a well-informed and successful journey towards achieving your dietary goals. Here, you will find an array of valuable resources covering various aspects such as types of diet, portion sizes, healthy eating tips, how to lose weight effectively, mindful eating practices, diet advice tailored to specific health conditions and nutrition guides.

By exploring the different types of diets available—ranging from vegetarian and vegan options to Mediterranean or ketogenic approaches—you can identify which one aligns best with your preferences and health requirements. Additionally, we dive into the importance of portion sizes and offer practical strategies for managing them properly through visual aids and simple measurements.

Our healthy eating tips will guide you in making smart food choices while considering taste satisfaction and nutritional balance. Furthermore, we understand that weight loss is often a primary concern for many individuals; hence we provide expert insights on proven methods backed by scientific research on shedding those extra pounds safely yet efficiently.

In our section dedicated to mindful eating techniques, learn how to embrace awareness during meals by paying attention not only to what you eat but also why and how much you consume—an approach that fosters a healthier relationship with food overall. We acknowledge that certain health conditions require specialised diets; thus our team has compiled valuable resources catered specifically towards individuals seeking guidance in this area—whether it be diabetes management or heart-healthy meal plans—to support optimal well-being under unique circumstances. Lastly, our nutrition guides serve as an reference point which provide guidance on how much of each nutrient should be included in the daily diet and each type works within the body.