Herbal Diet Supplements

Herbal Diet Supplements

Herbal supplements are a common addition to a healthy diet for many people looking to lose weight and be healthy. Herbal supplements are different from vitamins and diet, which are covered in a separate section.

Herbal diet supplements are generally based on plants, flowers, leaves, bark, seeds, roots, stems, fruit or other naturally occurring substances. Herbal diet supplements are chosen to help people with particular aspects of their diets. Herbs are used in dieting for their flavour, properties or scent.

Health benefits from herbs and herbal supplements are nothing new, many diet supplements date back thousands of years. However, not all herbal diet supplements are safe, and some may not suit or agree with certain dieters. Some herbs may be particularly effective for treating certain diseases, whilst others may clash with some medication. Being aware and consulting a dietitian is the key to choosing the right herbal diet supplement.

Many companies label their products as ‘natural’, but this does not necessarily mean it is safe and will not cause side effects. Before using any herbal supplements, dieters need to consult their health care specialist. Understanding the dosage, uses, risks and interactions of herbal diet supplements can help avoid any problems. Many herbal diet supplements are built into whole systems health approaches such as Ayurverdic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Herbal diet supplements are not immune to the phenomenon of online selling of inferior products. In reviews of herbal compounds listed as ingredients, investigators have found missing and additional ingredients, including some that are not safe for human consumption. Dieters buying herbal supplements online need to very careful about what they are purchasing. Advice from a medical professional is always the answer if uncertain about a particular herbal diet supplement.

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