Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure

Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure

According to scientists at Imperial College and Surrey University , exercise after meals helps promote weight loss due to the boost of hormones which suppress appetite.

Due to such hormones, active people do not get as hungry straight after exercise. Experiments indicated that this carries on until their next meal.

Even consumption of bigger meals does not mean sporty people put on any weight as they burn the extra calories off. The single best thing that individuals can do should they have high blood pressure is to exercise.

However, two thirds of doctors still do not inform patients who have high blood pressure that exercise is crucial:

17,474 people participated in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey across the USA. 17,474 people participated, 4,686 of whom had high blood pressure.

Just a third of participants stated that their doctor had advised them to increase their physical activity level in order to bring down their blood pressure.

Moreover, an astounding 71% of patients with high blood pressure witnessed a decline in their blood pressure due to exercise.

It is, of course important to supplement exercise with a lifestyle which includes weight loss, a low fat and low salt diet, along with plenty or fruit and vegetables.

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