Exercising at Home

Exercising at Home

This article answers the question: “what exercise routine could I do at home that will really make a difference to my shape and tone, I am a beginner and just returning to exercise?”

Whether it is a time constraint, financial, or you just feel less intimidated working out from home, your home environment can be a perfect place to start getting fit for the summer.

Firstly let me set the 3 golden rules of your workouts:

  • Rule 1: Plan the days you are going to train that week, then plan the hour you are going to work out in the night before, unless you plan it, it just won’t happen!! (5 min)
  • Rule 2: Have your work out in front of you and record how you felt after. Use a notebook especially for your training. Unless you can see you are improving you won’t be motivated to do the next sessions ! (5 min)
  • Rule 3: Commit to a 4 week period initially and only commit to the number of days you know you can do. Plan a reward at the end of each week. Try and make your reward about a treat for you but not a food reward. ( 0 min)

These 3 simple rules may seem all too simple but they are like magic in ensuring the ongoing commitment and improvements you will make.

Before you undertake any exercise program you should consult your GP for advice and make sure you are not at any medical risk.

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