The Workout – Exercising at Home

The Workout – Exercising at Home

Written by Kimberly Rothman

This is a simple workout which is called a “pyramid” it starts with performing 2 of each of the exercises, then 4, then 6 then 8 then 10, then when you reach 10 you will come back down again in the same way, down to 2 repetitions. The benefit of this is you will also warm up to the exercises as you go as it starts of very slow.

The warm up for all sessions

If it is a nice day go out for a 15 min brisk walk, and follow the stretching guide. If you prefer you can use a skipping rope, or high knee marching, 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for 5 minutes. You can perform these on the spot to switch on your mind and body to the next 30 minutes.

Then follow the stretching guide.

Pre Exercising warm up

You may also look through any of the other stretching exercises and use as you think necessary

The Exercises

Level: Beginner
Session time: 30 minutes + stretching 15 min

  • a) Sit Ups
  • b) Half press ups
  • c) Dips
  • d) Squats
  • e) Bicep Curls
  • f) High Knee marching (20)

The exercises explained

  • a) Start by lying down, knees bent up towards you. Place your hands underneath your lower back and press your lower back onto your hands. Then gently extend one leg out as straight as possible whilst keeping your lower back in contact with your hands. Then alternate legs, doing 2 on each then 4 then so on through the workout.
  • b) Go onto your hands and knees, then move your hands forward slightly. Go down into a press up, be sure your back remains flat as you go down. The best way to check this is that your butt moves down with you and you don’t look like a pecking chicken with your butt stuck in the air!!
  • c) Use your kitchen chair or similar, but be sure that it its against a wall so it does not move. Face away from the chair and place your hands so that your palms are on the chair with fingers overlapping the edge of the chair, feet shoulder width apart and in a 90 degree position in front of you. Then dip down. Only go far down as you are comfortable, but aim to go down to 90 degrees.
  • d) Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and turn your feet slightly out. Place your hands outstretched in front of you and bend at the knees as if you are going to sit on a chair behind you. Only go down as far you are comfortable. Be sure your knees are in line with your feet as you squat down. Do not worry if they travel over your feet this is not a problem. Go down as far as you are comfortable.
  • e) Stand straight and hold a dumbbell in either hand or face palms up, with your arms down by your side. Raise both arms up, bringing the dumbbells up to almost meet your biceps. Be careful to lower gently rather than let them just fall down back by your sides
  • f) Stand straight and bring each knee up alternately, placing the feet back down gently, i.e. no thudding down. You must imagine you are on rice paper that you don’t want to break.

Stretch off and book the next session in your diary, and don’t forget your treat!

Well done, you have finished!

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