Clipper Teas

Clipper Teas

Clipper was established in 1984 by Mike and Lorraine Brehme who only had two chests of Assam tea. Such quality teas were not widely available at the time and were a massive success.

1994 saw the launching its first Fairtrade tea upon becoming getting involved with the Fairtrade Foundation. As Mike Brehme stated:


“I was in tea already, and I realised there was child labour involved and I thought, ‘That’s no way to make a living.'”

Clipper has been innovative, too.

In the last few years it has introduced organic tea, coffee, white tea, Rooibos and the Japanese-style sencha.

All that they do is in conjunction with company’s principles as: “Always a pure, natural product – there isn’t a single artificial ingredient in any of the products.”

Another key principle is taste. The company cites all its products as natural, fair and delicious.

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