Green and Black’s Chocolate

Green and Black’s Chocolate

The Beginning

Craig Sams established Whole Earth, the pioneering organic food company, in 1991, some time after being sent a sample of dark 70% chocolate manufactured from organic cocoa beans.

Whole Earth went on to manufacture the world’s first organic chocolate, a high-quality, bittersweet dark chocolate bar, packed with 70% cocoa solids.

The Service

The core of Green and Blacks service is to enable the ethical consumer to “Buy What You Believe”. This range has the best quality organic, eco friendly and fair trade.

Green and Blacks is always looking for ways to minimize the impact its service on the environment. It is working on making packaging as eco-friendly as possible. The company even offers a service to carbon offset its deliveries to you.

The company realises it can be confusing deciding which ethical products to buy and what information to believe. Hence, it does its best to share product background information to enable consumers make informed ethical purchasing decisions. It is committed to providing the public with accurate and comprehensive information about a product’s or brand’s credentials.

Green and Black’s Products

Green and Black wish to make a positive impact on people and/or the planet with its ethically produced goods.

Green and Black sell products ranging from ethical brands as well as support products from independent producers, traders and producers.

This company has products from fairtrade suppliers in more than 40 countries. It shares its product’s country of origin thereby enabling you to see where its products come from. Hence you are able to support the country of your choice like fair trade producers in Bangladesh.

Each brand or product at needs to have proven ethical credentials in at least of these areas:

  • Organic
  • Eco friendly
  • Fair Trade
  • Education and awareness expansion
  • Health and Wellbeing promotion

Green and Black’s Economics

As an ethical business, Green and Black wish to set a good example. In order to lead the ethical consumer revolution, it is committed to quick growth so it can continuously innovate, expanding its support for new ethical products and services.

In order to be savvier with income and expenses, Green and Black operate a web-based business. Hereby it can be fair with prices paid to its suppliers as well as with prices charged to its customers.

Green and Black’s People

As this company is passionate regarding what it is trying to achieve in terms of serving the ethical consumer, it doesn’t take itself overtly seriously.

The company enjoys what its does and encourages its staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It supports a culture which respects everyone, encouraging each person to apply his or her specific strengths, values as well as creativity to company business.

The company has specific real talent for ethical product sourcing and development, programming, customer service, web design, business development, warehouse management, order packing, accounting and number crunching, stock management and quality control. Green and Black has numerous trusted partners (many pioneers in ethical trading) with whom it collaborates to serve ethical consumers.

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