Grow Your Own Artichokes

Grow Your Own Artichokes

Globe artichokes are an exceedingly tasty vegetable. You can grow them in a vegetable patch or in a flower garden.

How To Grow Your Own Artichokes?

  • Select a sunny, open spot, ensuring that the soil is well drained.
  • Enhance the soil via by putting general fertiliser granules on top of the soil prior to planting.
  • Make a hole a bit larger than the plant.
  • Put a sucker in the hole in order that the soil mark on the stem is level with the surface soil.
  • Fill up the hole with soil. Once firm, water it well.
  • Cut off new buds in the first year, giving the plant adequate time to establish itself.
  • You will be able to harvest the artichokes for consumption in the second summer, prior to the flower heads opening.

What You Need to Grow Artichokes

  • Spade
  • Artichoke plant
  • Watering can

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