Grow Your Own Beans

Grow Your Own Beans

Bean seeds can be planted from April onwards. Within just a few months, you will be savouring those tasty pods. French, runner, dwarf or climbing beans are fine for a well drained, sunny place. You can also grow them in pots.

How To Grow Your Own Beans?

  • Dig over the soil and put in some leaf mould
  • In order to provide parallel support for climbing and runner French beans, make two rows, 60cm (23in) apart. Place the canes in the soil, 15cm (6in) apart. Put tops together, securing them to a horizontal cane with some twine.
  • Put a single bean in a pot (4cm /1.5in deep) which is full of multi-purpose compost. Put a label on the plant, water and place on a windowsill.
  • Put the plant out three weeks after germination, ensuring you put a single plant at the base of every cane.
  • Dwarf French beans are not in need of support. Yet some small sticks in the crop will render the lower pods clear of any soil.

What You Need to Grow Beans

  • Bean seeds
  • Multipurpose compost
  • Watering can
  • 2.4m (8ft) canes
  • 7.5cm (3 inch) pots
  • A pencil and label
  • Trowel

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