Grow Your Own Beetroot

Grow Your Own Beetroot

There is nothing quite like fresh beetroot. It has a tender, earthy taste. What is amazing about beetroot is that it can be easily grown from seed.

How To Grow Your Own Beetroot?

  • Get the soil ready by digging it over. Take out weeds and big stones. Then rake for a proper finish.
  • You can sow seed straight into the soil from April through to July.
  • Place two seeds every 10 cm (4inches) in a 2cm (0.75in) trench, using a cane. Cover with soil, water and ensure you label.
  • Place seedlings further away from each other when they are 2cm (0.75in) in height, with one each 10cm (4inches).
  • Ensure seedlings are well watered and the bed weeded.
  • The crop will normally be ready 90 days after sowing. They are then between the size of a table tennis ball and a tennis ball.
  • Should you have a small garden, you can easily grow beetroot in pots.

What You Need to Grow Beetroot

  • Garden cane
  • Watering can
  • Labels and pencils

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