Grow Your Own Brassicas and Cabbages

Grow Your Own Brassicas and Cabbages

Brassicas flourish in a slightly shaded spot, which has free draining, fertile soil, minus any stones.

How To Grow Your Own Brassicas and Cabbages?

  • Dig your soil late autumn. Ensure you add compost or properly rotted manure should the soil be poor.
  • Sow your brassica seeds as per the packet instructions. The seedlings are going to germinate in 8-10 days, being ready for transplanting within 8 weeks.
  • Get your planting area ready by raking the surface, adding an ordinary fertilizer. Walk on the soil to ensure that air pockets are removed, rendering the surface firm. Re-rake the area.
  • Make sure you water the row of seedlings the day before you transplant the seedlings. Ensure you retain a lot of soil around the roots in order that they do not dry out.
  • Utilise a dibber or trowel to form planting holes where required. Should the soil be dry, fill up the holes with water and transplant when drained.
  • Place seedlings in the holes. Water straight away and ensure the plants are watered well whilst they settle down.

What You Need to Grow Brassicas and Cabbages

  • Garden fork
  • Brassica seeds, like Brussels sprouts and cabbage
  • Dibber
  • Trowel

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