Grow Your Own Celery

Grow Your Own Celery

Celery is a delicious addition to any recipe. Should you plant ready-grown seedlings in spring time, you can pick the crunchy, fresh stems during autumn.

How To Grow Your Own Celery?

  • Select a sunny spot which has well-drained soil and is moisture retentive.
  • Dig the soil in spring ready for planting. Add lots of well-rotted manure. Take out any big stones and weeds.
  • A week prior to planting, place general purpose fertiliser granules on the soil and rake the granules in.
  • Purchase ready-grown celery plants, plant 27cm apart, making sure that the crown is on ground level. Plant along a grid pattern to ensure best stems.
  • Ensure the plants are well-watered, namely during dry periods. Feed the plants with a balanced liquid fertilizer each month after planting.

What You Need to Grow Celery

  • Watering Can
  • Celery Plants
  • Trowel

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