Grow Your Own Crops in Pots

Grow Your Own Crops in Pots

Your garden may not be spacious enough for a vegetable patch. In fact, you may not have a garden. Nonetheless, you can still grow delicious varieties of vegetables, fruit and salad. In addition, they need not take up lots of space. You can grow your crops on windowsill, balconies and patios.

How To Grow Your Own Crops in Pots?

  • Buy some ready grown plants of chilli pepper, sweet pepper, aubergine cherry tomato, strawberries and herbs.
  • Mix some water-retaining crystals well into your compost. Ensure you fill the pot right to the top. Tap to settle any loose compost. Then firmly pat down with fingertips. Allow for a 2cm (1inch) gap between the top of the pot and the compost for watering.
  • Take out some compost from the centre, ensuring that a hole somewhat bigger than the plant rootball remains.
  • Take the plant from pot and put in hole. Place compost around plant to firm up, ensuring plant surface is levelled to the top with compost.
  • Should you be growing from seed, read packet instructions thoroughly and follow. Place seeds in small pots prior to planting up into bigger ones or scatter on the compost surface and water.
  • Should you want bigger fruit bushes like figs, apricots or blueberries, pick a more sizeable pot. Ensure that plant’s compost requirements on its label.

What You Need to Grow Crops in Pots

  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Water retaining crystals
  • Several pots 20-45cm (8-17inches) diameter
  • Watering can
  • Fruit, vegetable and herb plants
  • Pencil and label

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