Grow Your Own Cucumbers

Grow Your Own Cucumbers

Should you wish to enjoy fresh cucumber all summer long, sow the seeds in spring.

How To Grow Your Own Cucumbers?

  • During mid spring, plant two seeds on their side, in a 7.5cm (3inch) pot full of seed compost, 2cm (1.7inches) deep.
  • Cover with soil and water. Label accordingly.
  • Place in a propagator for germination.
  • Upon germination, take the seedlings out of the propagator.
  • Support seedlings with a slight garden cane.
  • At the latter end of May, use a growing bag to plant two cucumber plants.
  • Put a big cane into the growing bag, securing to the greenhouse roof.
  • Ensure plants are well-watered. Using garden twine, tie plants to the canes.
  • Once the plants are as high as the roof, pinch out the tips.
  • Once you see fruit on the cucumbers, feed fortnightly with a liquid fertilizer high in potash content.
  • Certain varieties of plants have both male and female flowers. Nip off the male blooms, leaving the female blooms. They are recognizable by a swollen fruit behind the flower.
  • Once the cucumbers are the required size, harvest them in summer.

What You Need to Grow Cucumbers

  • Cucumber seeds
  • Greenhouse
  • Seed compost
  • 2 x 7.5cm (3inch) pots
  • A growing bag
  • 2 long garden canes
  • 2 small canes
  • Watering can
  • Garden twine
  • Pencil and label

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