Grow Your Own Currants

Grow Your Own Currants

Should you plant a currant bush, you could quickly be sampling lots of juicy, delicious berries.

Red, white and blackcurrants are ideal for a somewhat shady or sunny spot. Once they are established, they are low maintenance.

How To Grow Your Own Currants?

  • Dig a hole wide enough for the roots of the bush to spread. Ensure the hole is deep enough for the soil mark on the stem to be level with the soil surface.
  • Place the bush slap bang in the centre of the hole. Fill the rest of the hole with soil firmly.
  • Water well and spread some well-rotted manure on the soil.
  • Upon planting red and white currants, remove any odd suckers growing from the ground. Cut off any branches, leaving 10cm of clear stem visible at the base.
  • Prune two thirds of remaining branches by two thirds.
  • Upon planting blackcurrants ensure you prune all branches. Only two buds ought to remain above ground.

What You Need to Grow Currants

  • A spade
  • A pair of secateurs
  • Bare root currant bush
  • Some well-rotted manure

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