Grow Your Own Fruit Trees

Grow Your Own Fruit Trees

There is no need to own an orchard to grow fruit trees. You just need a somewhat shady yet sunny spot to grow your own fruit trees.

How To Grow Your Own Fruit Trees?

  • Select a sunny, protected spot.
  • Dig a hole which is a third wider than the root system of the tree.
  • Firmly put soil on the base of the hole, making a small mound.
  • Put a stake in the hole off centre by approximately 7-8cm (3inches).
  • Put the tree in the hole, spreading roots out. Ensure that the soil mark on the tree stem is at ground level.
  • Try to make sure that the tree is straight. Put a stake behind the tree to ensure straightness.
  • Ensure that you firmly place soil around the tree, enabling a small mound to form at the tree base.
  • Attach the tree to the stake with some string or plastic tie.
  • Put a grease band 45cm (18inches) above the soil level for protection from moths.

What You Need to Grow Fruit Trees

  • A wooden stake
  • A fruit tree
  • Soil
  • Spade
  • Some string or plastic tie
  • Grease band

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