Grow Your Own Grapevines

Grow Your Own Grapevines

Grapevines are great for walls and fences. You need to plant between autumn and early spring for them to grow quickly.

How To Grow Your Own Grapevines?

  • You will need to make a support on a fence. For that you will need four horizontal wires. Ensure one is 40cm (16inches) above the soil, with the rest being 30cm (12inches) apart.
  • You will need to drill holes in fence posts. Place an eye bolt in each fence post. Attach a nut loosely to the eye.
  • Protective gloves on, thread some wire through an eye bolt. Then bend wire and and twist. Unwind wire and cut with pliers. Thread through second eyebolt and secure as before. Tighten bolts to take out the slack. Repeat until you have four horizontal wires.
  • Dig a wider, deeper hole than the rootball of the vine, 6 inches from the fence.
  • Ensure you plant the rootball so it is at the same level as the soil surface. Mulch with bark chippings and leaf mould.
  • Place a 6ft garden cane behind the vine, attaching the twine to the wires.
  • Prune the vine. Leave three buds beneath the bottom wire.
  • In spring, enable three shoots to grow. Secure them to the cane. Get rid of all side shoots. Prune to leave a leaf.
  • During autumn cut the twine, securing two branches to the bottom wire, on either side of the cane.
  • Nip third shoot, allowing for three healthy buds.
  • In spring, permit the vertical shoots to grow from horizontal branches. Tie to wires. Try to have a shoot every 6inches. You are likely to have to prune some in order to grow the upright branches, minimizing to one leaf.
  • Tie the three branches growing from the healthy buds to the cane.
  • Come late autumn, remove horizontal branches. Then repeat the process, securing the branches to the cane.

What You Need to Grow Grapevines

  • Spade
  • Vine
  • Secateurs
  • 6 ft cane
  • Strong gloves
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Pliers
  • Heavy duty 12 gauge wire

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