Grow Your Own Leeks

Grow Your Own Leeks

Due to their straight, compact growth, it is easy to squeeze leeks into spare spots on allotments as well as borders.

How To Grow Your Own Leeks?

  • Select a sunny, protected site that is well drained.
  • Prepare the soil for planting in the winter, ensuring you add lots of well-rotted manure.
  • One week prior to sowing, spread a balanced, general fertiliser over the soil. Then rake it in.
  • You can sow leeks in rows, 30cm apart. In order to do this, prepare a one cm furrow with the corner of a rake. Then sow the seeds thinly. Place some soil on top and water. Then label.
  • Ensure you maintain patch, keeping it weed free. Try not to remove the young leeks accidentally as they look very much like weeds.
  • Once seedlings have three leaves each, permit only one plant every 15cm.
  • Water your plants well, particularly during dry spells, harvest and during the summer.

What You Need to Grow Leeks

  • Leek seeds
  • Rake
  • General fertilizer
  • Pencil and label
  • Watering can

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