Grow Your Own Peach Tree

Grow Your Own Peach Tree

It is very easy to grow peaches on dwarf peach trees, without any need of a greenhouse. They are ideal for sunny, warm patios.

How To Grow Your Own Peach Tree?

  • Select a large plant pot, a minimum of 30cm (12inches) in diameter. It will need adequate drainage holes.
  • Place some coarse material at the pot base. Sit the rootball on a layer of loam-based compost.
  • Fill round the rootball with compost. Pat down firmly. Water well and often.
  • The flowers will need protection in the cold weather. So you need to bring the tub in indoors. Alternatively, you can cover it with a fleece.
  • Thin the fruitlets when they develop; permit 20 fruitlets on a four year old tree.
  • Select your juicy fruits when ripe.

What You Need to Grow Peach Tree

  • Plant pot
  • Peach tree
  • Soil
  • Trowel

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