Grow Your Own Raspberries

Grow Your Own Raspberries

A 250g punnet of raspberries can easily cost at least £3.00. Alternatively, why not grow your own in a sunny or partially shaded area, in well drained soil.

How To Grow Your Own Raspberries?

  • Get the site ready by weeding. Then dig in lots of well-rotted manure a couple of weeks prior to planting.
  • You need to provide your raspberries with support; a single tree stake will suffice in a small garden, with a frame of canes constituting adequate support in a larger garden or allotment.
  • Cut your canes down to 1 foot above the soil.
  • Keep your site weed free and water well.
  • When it is spring, cut that old cane to the ground. Then tie new stems onto to the supports.
  • Your plants will then need to be fed and mulched.
  • In autumn you will need to prune summer fruiting varieties, cutting canes which held fruit to ground level. Tie in 8 of the strongest new stems. Prune the tops in mid-winter to 6inches above the top wire.
  • In mid-winter, prune autumn fruiting varieties, removing all stems to ground level.

What You Need to Grow Raspberries

  • 7 bare root raspberry plants
  • Tree stakes
  • Secateurs
  • Watering can

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