Effects of Processed Foods

Effects of Processed Foods

Specific foods cause bad behaviour.

There are certain additives in food like salicylates and coal-tar (azo) dyes, chemical flavours as well as preservatives like anti-oxidants BHA (E320) and BHT (E321) and flavour-enhancers like MSG that can cause mental disturbance, leading to inability to stay still, learn or concentrate, aggression, insomnia and violence.

Many researchers have found that aggressive children, who have been eating processed foods, are able to become normal when on an additive-free diet. On home cooked, fresh food such children’s behaviour changed for the better within a few days.

Key food items which help hyperactivity in children due to additives are milk, citrus fruits and nuts.

When you look at the ingredients on a food, it tells you the additives that have been tested. Yet they are tested singly. They are not tested in any combination; they are not tested in a cocktail.

Recent government research clearly highlights how additives affect children. Researchers focused upon four colours (E102, E110, E122, E124) as well as a preservative (E211, sodium benzoate).

Children’s hyperactive behaviour is significantly altered by the omission of those four additives and colourings from their diet. Sadly the government has ignored this research. We only have evidence of it because of a Food Commission study.

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