The Benefits of Eating a Healthy Diet

The Benefits of Eating a Healthy Diet

A nutritious diet will not only help you to regulate your weight and keep in shape but it will also ward off a plethora of diseases and health complications. The relationship between good nutrition and overall health and wellbeing is too important to ignore.

A nutritionally balanced diet is comprised of everything that your body needs to function, without containing too few or too many of any component. It will contain enough of the following:

  • Protein for tissue growth and repair
  • Energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat for fuel
  • Fat for nerve functioning, hormone balancing and cell functioning
  • Vitamins and minerals for various biochemical functions
  • Fibre and probiotics for digestion
  • Water and electrolytes to maintain hydration and nerve impulses
  • Phytochemicals for immune system functioning

Quick tips for healthier eating

  • Fruit or vegetables should be a staple in every meal, aim for at least five servings per day
  • Eat at least two servings of oily fish per week
  • Swap out processed white grains for brown whole grains
  • Limit daily salt intake to six grams per day and use herbs and spices for flavour instead of added salt
  • Limit alcohol consumption to less than 14 units per week
  • Cut down on processed high-calorie snacks such as cakes, crisps, sweets and chocolate
  • Avoid microwave meals and processed meats
  • Avoid foods that are deep fried
  • Learn to eat only until you feel comfortable and stop before you feel full
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently

Changing your diet after years can be a daunting task, especially with the over-abundance of contradictory information available. By utilising these simple rules and making small changes, you can put an end to your bad nutritional habits, and feel great in the process.

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