Difficulties Weaning

Difficulties Weaning

Meal times ought to be relaxing. However, a major problem is early weaning of your baby. Have the breast or bottle at the ready for when your baby will not eat the solid food you are offering him or her. Be prepared for your child’s diet likes and dislikes to change frequently.

On occasions, your baby may not want to eat and refuses food. Often this happens when your baby is offered new food.

Try not to place pressure on your baby to eat as that will result in baby unpleasant associations with food as well as mealtimes. This will take a lot of time and effort to turn round. In case of any difficulty, try to feed baby solids on another occasion.

Should mealtimes become a battle of wills then recommence giving your baby the bland foods which he or she used to eat. This will ease any tension.

Any difficulty with weaning can usually be resolved through patience, encouragement and understanding. It is best to talk to your health visitor or doctor if you are really worried.

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