Candida and Diet

Candida and Diet

What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast infection, a type of fungus, against which diet may play a principal role.

The majority of us have a benevolent amount of Candida in our body which assists our immune system. In certain circumstances, the Candida micro-organisms can increase in quantity, resulting in an oral infection or infection of the vaginal area, intestines, skin or mouth. The species that is most prevalent in infections is Candida albicans, with the infection being known as candidiasis.

Health Conditions

Health conditions that can arise due to candida can include: thrush, bladder infections, itchiness, mouth infections, rashes, sore throat, inflammation, a depletion of energy, fatigue, food cravings, heartburn, hyperactivity, hay fever, insomnia, migraine and even thyroid problems.

Diet and Candida

In addition to anti-fungal drugs, diet plays a crucial part in treating Candida. A diet for candida seeks to eliminate foods that “feed” the yeast infestation. This is done by strictly adhering to a “restricted foods list.”

Usually the candida diet lasts about 4 weeks. Once lab tests provide the all-clear particular foods off the restricted list can be introduced into your daily diet and incorporated back into daily eating.

General Diet Advice

Lower Carb Intake

Sugar feeds Candida. Hence, it is vital to reduce your carbohydrate intake Hence, in the first three weeks of the programme, it is usually recommended that carb consumption be restricted to 20-60 grams daily, dependent on age, level of activity and degree of grain sensitivity.

No Yeasty Foods

Any foods containing yeast ought to be eliminated with the aim of making your diet yeast-free.

Lower Intake of Dairy Products

Dairy foods ought to be cut down as Candida can lower the ability of the body to digest fats.

No Foods Containing Fungi and Mould

All foods containing fungi or mould should not be eaten.

Lower Intake of Processed/Packaged Food

The intake of such foods as well as drinks containing sugar, yeast or other Candida-feeding ingredients should be lowered.

These are the basics of a diet for candida, the specifics of which are detailed in numerous recipe books for candida and further online candida resources.

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