Diet is a vital part of remaining healthy, as the foods we eat can have a great effect on our bodies.

Medical professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of a person’s diet in the prevention of illness and the treatment of ailments.

Our bodies need a wide variety of minerals and vitamins to function correctly, so when we are lacking the essential nutrients required the body and mind suffer.

It is widely said that “you are what you eat”, and as such if we eat properly, or eat to a diet that properly address any conditions that we may have, our bodies are better able to function at full capacity.

You should bear in mind that diet is not an easy ‘fix-all’ solution to improve well-being; it needs to be part of a wider healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and taking care of yourself.

Every health condition will have its own relevant diet, but you should remember that each individual will have slightly different needs to fulfil.

It is best to discuss your diet with your doctor, particularly if you have any health conditions.