Kiwi-Free Diet

Kiwi-Free Diet

Kiwis are, to the majority of people, a wonderful source of nutrients. The small, fuzzy fruit is packed full of vitamins and beta-carotene. However, for a small number of people kiwi can be a real problem, prompting severe symptoms on consumption.

As a result, a number of people need to adhere to a kiwi-free diet.

Symptoms of a kiwi allergy

Most allergic reactions to kiwi mean itching and inflammation in the throat and mouth. However, a reaction can induce abdominal pain, breathing issues, vomiting and – in the most severe cases – anaphylaxis and death.

Are kiwi allergies common?

While a relatively recent discovery, kiwi allergy has become one of the most common in Europe. It is suspected by some researchers that there is a link between geography and kiwi allergies, with regions that contain more birch seeing a greater rate of kiwi allergies.

Are there any special considerations for a kiwi-free diet?

On the whole, the only thing to be cautious of when starting a kiwi-free diet is whether the fruit is hidden in juices and smoothies, as many contain kiwi without it being listed as one of the flavours. Provided that you remember to check the ingredients on the drinks, then you should be able to identify what products are safe for you to consume.

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