Cancer and diet links gain prominence

According to a recent online survey, the general public has a growing level of awareness of the links between lifestyle, diet and cancer . Fresh reports that gained public prominence have made consumers more aware that eating a bad diet and gaining excess weight leads to a greater risk of cancer.
The study found that those who are aware that cancer risk increases amongst the overweight has climbed by 20 per cent. Of the 2,220 participants questioned, awareness had shot up to 67 per cent.
The reports were conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund. The project director of the WCRF report, Professor Wiseman, reportedly commented: “It is great news that the launch of the report seems to have led to a big increase in awareness about the link between cancer and lifestyle. This survey suggests that millions more Britons now know that cancer is not just a question of fate but that instead they can affect their risk by the choices they make.”

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