Comedy diet gets a health warning

A new ‘diet’ cookbook that has leapt in popularity to become a bestseller in Scotland has received a stiff warning from health experts. The book, apparently, could contribute to poor health and obesity .
The recipe collection in collection features Maw Broon’s top dishes that have sustained a comic book family over a 70 year period. The recipe includes breakfasts washed down with lager, fatty foods and frying techniques.
The diet book has hit number two in the Scottish chart, dislodging offerings from celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. Nutritionists have been quick to highlight the fact that the diet could lead to obesity.
One nutritionist, Carina Norris, reportedly told BBC Scotland that: “Taken as they are, all these things like fried and sugar-laden food, are very bad food and there’s no way I could recommend them as a nutritionist .”

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