The Vibrancy Diet Kate Moss Style

Famous for her stunning looks and her very slim frame supermodel, Kate Moss is keen to hold on to her assets for as long as possible.
Her way of doing this is by looking carefully at her diet . She calls it the ‘Vibrancy Diet’ where she consumes probiotic yoghurts, fruit, grilled fish or chicken and vegetables .
During her time with Pete Doherty, her rock and roll lifestyle took had an effect on her looks. But now she is determined to get back to her old self and believes that the diet will help achieve this.
It has been reported that since July 2007 the 34 year old has gained 5 pounds.
As well as improving her diet, mother of one has also taken to meditating and using relaxation methods .

The Daily Mail quoted a source as saying, “She’s really taken herself in hand since her split with Pete Doherty and has spoken to skincare experts, nutritionists and homeopaths about how best to look after herself.
“When she was with Pete, they’d often eat at weird hours and would go for days with little sleep,” the source added.

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